$2 NLHE 6-max: JJ, flop a set, get re-raised on the flop



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Jan 30, 2020
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pokerstars, Hold'em No Limit - $0.01/$0.02 - 5 players
Hand delivered by Upswing Poker

UTG (Hero): $3.22 (161 bb)
CO: $0.67 (34 bb)
BU: $2.00 (100 bb)
SB: $2.16 (108 bb)
BB: $3.32 (166 bb)

Pre-Flop: ($0.03) Hero is UTG with J J
Hero raises to $0.06, CO calls $0.06, 2 players fold, BB calls $0.04

Flop: ($0.19) 5 T J (3 players)
BB checks, Hero bets $0.10, CO folds, BB raises to $0.29, Hero raises to $1.05, BB calls $0.76

Turn: ($2.29) 3 (2 players)
BB checks, Hero bets $1.47, BB folds

How would you play this hand?

I'm trying to think of some combo draws villain can have here but interestingly I realized he can't have any pair and a FD here since I have
in my hand. BB's range is wide so he can have hands like T5,J5,JT but I am heavily blocking hands with a Jack. What types of hands does villain re-raise me on the flop with? what about when he calls my flop 3-bet?

I guess I would give his value range possibly AJ,KJ, maybe QJ is stretching it, then we have our two pairs and 55 for a set.
His bluffs, if he has any in his range here would be mostly FD's and KQ I think.

What do you think about the flop play? would you have 3-bet the flop? bet smaller? When villain calls the bet and we head to the turn I am thinking he has at least AJ, two-pair, 55 or some type of KQ with a spade? On the turn what would your play be? I felt like I missed value by betting so large here. If we put villains range on sets/two pairs/ AJ/ and good FD's should we be betting this turn? with the range I gave him he has 55% flushes and the equity of our hand is 54%



Dec 11, 2010
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I like to think vs an unknown villain I normally call the smallish check/raise and look to raise villain's likely turn bet on safe cards. If the flush or some straights come in on the turn I may elect to call down and reassess the river. I don't think that 3betting the flop is bad either and may even be the better option. I look forward to hearing what others have to say.

Do you use any sort of HUD while you play? I just ask because I feel like it would help you tremendously in getting a gauge on how others are playing. It may also help people give a little more focused advice.


Jun 3, 2019
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Standard open

I like fastflaying here, especially since its a wet board, and you are deep. Making it a 2-street hand really punish his draws.

Not loving to see another spade here, so I lean towards checking back. Its not, that he always has a flush, but its a scarecard to non-flushes, so you are probably not getting called by any hands worse than yours other than a dominated set. Jamming do deny some equity to draws though, so its not terrible.


Aug 18, 2021
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On the flop, BB raises your cbet in a multiplayer pot, and I think he holds a flush draw or a straight draw.In the NL2 level, if he is 55 or T5, I want to villian or directly hit allin.
Therefore, the 3s on the turn is good for the opponent's range, and I tend to check back.

In such a wet board on the flop, 3bet top set should be a good decision.


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Sep 16, 2010
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bet more on such a wet board (2/3 pot an more) against two villains.
on turn check behind is ok
river - call reasonable (bluffing?) bet