$2 NLHE 6-max: 4-bet from OOP with TT. Thoughts?



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Jan 30, 2020
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pokerstars, Hold'em No Limit - $0.01/$0.02 - 5 players
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UTG (Hero): $2.11 (106 bb)
CO: $1.48 (74 bb)
BU: $0.57 (29 bb)
SB: $2.34 (117 bb)
BB: $2.48 (124 bb)

Pre-Flop: ($0.03) Hero is UTG with T T
Hero raises to $0.06, CO calls $0.06, BTN 3-bets to $0.12, 2 players fold, Hero 4-bets to $0.45, 1 fold, BTN 5-bets to $0.57 (all-in), Hero calls $0.12

Should I be 4-betting TT here? I thought 3-bettors range could be wide because of his tiny raise. Is flatting the default here? thoughts please? I wasn't paying attention to stacks during the hand, I defintely need to make a point to focus on that moving forward. I suppose if it as heads up versus the 29bb stack we can just 4-bet shove him in but with the CO- flat caller in the middle how should we approach this?


Dec 11, 2010
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Without stats/reads, I don't worry too much about the flat caller in CO. Both have > 100bb at the start of the hand pushing them towards fishier types. If he's trapping so be it he can shove over after I 4bet giving me a tough spot once in a great while. I expect him to get out of the way pretty frequently however letting us race vs the BU fish for 30bbs most times. I think he shows up with all kinds of pairs, broadways, tons of Ax stuff so I feel pretty comfortable with TT and expect to be racing a lot of the times.

I don't like TT 3 ways OOP vs fish. I'm not folding preflop so much easier to play as 4bet in this spot for me. It's hard to gauge what the small 3bet is with no stats/reads, but I don't take it as particularly strong. For 30bbs AIPF I'm ok seeing AK or AQ. However 77 or A9s happens often enough I think with what little info there is to make this pretty standard as played.


Jun 3, 2019
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With the 29BB stack of BTN, this situation is much more typical for tournaments than cash games, and as a tournament specialist I would never just flat the 3-bet with TT. That would invite CO to come along for the ride, and its going to be way to difficult to realise our equity out of position in a 3-way pot. On any board with overcards we pretty much have to give up, even though we might have the best hand.

I am more than happy to get it in against BTN and gamble with him for his last 29 blinds, especially because people playing with such a short stack and using incorrect 3-bet sizing are almost always bad players, who will stack off to wide. Sure once in a blue moon he will flip over aces or kings, but in the long run you are crushing his range in this situation. Fish love to goof around with undersized 3-bets. He probably dont have junk, but he can have a smaller pair, a suited connector, or a broadway like KJ.

As you say, things are a little awkward with CO in between, and there are basically two reasonable ways to approach your sizing. You can simply jam banking on the fact, that CO usually has a very capped range, when he only call the initial bet. And even if he has JJ or QQ, you might actually get him to fold.

The other option, if you are really worried, that CO is slowplaying JJ+, is to go to a size, which commits you against BTN but allow you to get away, if CO comes in for a back-jam. Like maybe 40c or so. If you do that however, you need to make a plan already for, what you will do, if CO fold and BTN just call, and that plan should be to jam all flops.

Personally I probably just jam. CO is also a broken stack, so he is also bad, and once in a while you might even get him to stack off with a hand worse than TT: If he makes the big hero call with a hand like AJo or KQo, you actually have 57% equity in the side pot, so its not quite a coinflip, even though tournament players often refer to it that way.


Jun 30, 2016
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With the stack sizes being what they are, I would 4 bet to try to isolate the short stacked button.