$2 NL HE 6-max: Pocket 66 Vs 8d7d ..... unlucky or wrong played? 🤔



Feb 13, 2018
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Pre flop and flop are played as expected so all good there of course. On the turn when you nail the boat I generally check as well since villain will have less hands they would want to continue with and no "new card" came to hit their potential float hands. I will say though that when the turn brings another club on the board all the two club holdings villain will have will call us for a reasonable amount so betting here when there is a flush draw will get extra value from those hands. My only gripe with how you played then hand, though, is that you did not check raise the turn here. Villain either has air and is taking a stab in which case you are not getting any more money anyway or they like their hand and are usually willing to call a raise with it. When you raise there on the turn and get called then we can play for stacks much more easily on the river and when having a boat is something that we want to do here.

River as played is an interesting spot since we only called on the turn. I think we have to lead here thinking there will be a lot of check backs since two streets have already been bet on this hand and a straight card came on the river. Plus, our lead could look like busted clubs attempting a bluff here so betting as you did is the way to go. Sizing wize you do have to go bigger as you want it to look like a bluff plus you also want value if you are going to get called. I feel like this is a spot where villain's call % will be the same if we bet 60 cents here as it would be if we bet 35 cents. When we get raised on the river it would make me wonder a bit as I would not think its a bluff unless there is something about villain I dont know. We could be up against better but I am not folding a boat in this spot on this board. With villain only having 58 cents behind after their raise they are never folding if we raise and I think there is enough 8x here that is not a boat to go for it all. If you are wrong then it only costs 58 cents more than just calling and again, facing the raise on the river I am not folding a boat on this board. This would be a more interesting spot if villain after raising us still had a few bucks or more left in their stack but with it being so little I would just go after it the way you did.


Jun 1, 2022
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This is a very complicated situation.

Overall, I think I was unlucky...
Take a look at a similar situation I've described below:
(full house with sixes too)

It looks like we're winning and yet we're losing! Unbelievable, but it happens...

I don't think it would make much difference, but I don't like to check the turn even though I'm 'giant'.
At the end of the day I think it's just a hand that we don't have much to react to, although we often see good players making incredible folds.
These days I saw a fold where the player (br) hit the full house on the river and held a pair of 4s in his hand. He folded even though he hit the 4 on the river, and he still folded right because villain had K7... the flop had been K 7 7 T 4.


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Aug 22, 2019
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I am agreed with 300HPGOD. Check-raise the turn is better option then check-call.


Sep 13, 2022
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I am learning that slow play in these stakes is a very bad idea.
It only brings bad beats like this.

However, doesnt matter if u checked or raised on turn, villain would have shoved all-in right there anyway.
To me, just a bad beat, u did nothing wrong.

Also, just my opinion, maybe dont play with such a deep stack, if no one else is.
The reason is twofold:
Might scare bad players away,
and puts unnecessary target on your back for
very good players.

I usually go 200bb, and then I reset,
unless there is another deep stack as well.