Online Poker Forum: Posting Guidelines

We wanted to put together this thread to give you some guidelines of what should be posted in this section. Any questions? Post them below!

What should be posted in the Online Poker forum?

The Online Poker forum is a place to discuss anything related directly to playing poker online.

Some examples could be:
  • Best computer set up for playing online
  • Differences between live and online
  • Strategies as they pertain to online poker (i.e. sitting out on the bubble, running out the time clock, late registration)
  • Online poker legislation
  • Formats of poker offered online
  • Twitch Poker Streams (of online poker games)
  • Any general topics about online poker or playing poker online
What should not be posted here:
  • Anything to do with specific Poker Rooms for that.
  • Anything to do with live poker. We have a Live Poker forum those topics.
  • Poker News.
  • Rail threads, challenges, or bad beats. Those should go in our Get a Game Going/Rail Requests (, Poker Goals, Challenges and Wins (
  • Hand Analysis - Please use our Cash Game ( or Tournament ( Hand Analysis sections
  • General tournament strategy - use Tournament Poker instead
  • General cash game strategy - this should go in Cash Games
  • General poker topics not necessarily related to online poker - use General Poker
  • Learning poker topics - take those to Learning Poker
  • See this post for a complete listing of our forums and where your topics should go.
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