IPAD IOS Client - Pokerstars QUICK REVIEW

Hi all,

First of all sorry for my English, im from Argentina.

I have opened this tread to discuss, maybe uprise the concern regarding IOS New version for Pokerstars:

After using previous version for 2 months and the last version 3.30 for 1 month, I ve noticed several bugs, that far from help, complicate the experience of playing.

Since i travel a lot, Poker is my hobbie during travel time, and IPAD is quite good enough to carry on, and that is why is so important to have a reliable and playable software to boost the experience of playing poker.

It has minor bugs, that you can pull apart, but there is a mayor one that is very important, at least to me: The lack of searching tables in cash games, to choose the more appropiate, and the lack of a good searching engine of tournaments.

Hope future versions, would came better, but up today PS is not the best client for IOS .....by FAR.

Hope hearing from you guys.

Kind Regards,

IPAD IOS Client - Pokerstars QUICK REVIEW
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