888 Poker

So this is my second post for many years (was a CC member in 2008), the first post was asking forum members if they knew of a good reload bonus for FTP, Since I got no replies I assumed that there were none so decided to deposit on 888 somewhat apprehensively, The last time I played on this poker site there were loads of loose(very), aggressive play going on which can be sometimes turned to your advantage so I decide to give it a go. I've got to admit that I was pleased with the first time deposit bonus - for just over 9(UK I got an extra $15 plus $10 worth of various tournament tickets.....very reasonable I thought - So now I'm armed and ready for battle (only micro stakes) with the LAG play. However what I found was not so much loose play (it did happen, but not as much as when 888 first appeared) but a lot of players using up all there time, including time bank, before they actually made a play. Irrespective of whether they were to call, raise or fold. So the blinds are creeping up and up which you could possibly understand this tactic if they had huge stacks or maybe close to the bubble. But no mostly were average stacked and to tell you the truth it was beginning to annoy me ,,,,, I know patience is a bit part of the game but boy oh boy they were taking the mick,
So in my absence from the tables is this the new play ? Can anybody please explain the logic of this tactic? Would be grateful for somebody to clear this up for me cause I just don't get it.
Besides that I've got to admit that I really enjoyed my few hours (actually been playing all day lol) of play which was assisted by the fact that I came off 888 up in money. All good fun can't wait for more tomorrow maybe see you there ?

GL on the tables ........TB