Study Group Micro-Low MTTs

Hey guys,

my name is John, I am 29 and from Germany.
As I started to grind again after taking a year off, I noticed that I would love to have a group of 3-4 fellow grinders with whom I can discuss certain spots and how to best exploit the micro donks.
I play since about 2010 and I am a winning player who had his ups and down. I mostly study ranges with equity calculations for myself, no solvers, no ICM calculations - but i really wanna change that.
I want to take it all a bit more seriously to build a BR with which I can generate a good side income.
So if you are, like me, willing to improve (maybe winning player) - we can share information and knowledge and take our game to the next level. Just let me know a bit who you are and we figure out where we will have our first session Study Group Micro-Low MTTs