Rebuy-Addon tournament - rebuy/addon rules

I'm currently part of a weekly tournament where people can buy-in, if they lose all their chips in the first hour they can rebuy, and for those left in after 1 hour they can add-on. All of those are for the same amount of chips for the same 20). SO if in the first hour you lose all your chips from your buy-in and re-buy, you're out.

This leads to a chip dump scenario whereby 10 mins before the break, those with short stacks are happy to throw it all in and rebuy if necessary.

The rules are changing so people that don't rebuy can have 2 add-ons, this should deter people from chip dumping.

After the first hour (the rebuy period) we have a short break, the tournament director has said that under the new rules if someone comes at the break they can only spend 40 - a buy-in and 1 add-on. I can't understand why they wouldn't be allowed the buy-in and 2-addons like anybody else has had throughout the tournament? Can anybody explain this to me?

Technically it would be possible to buy-in with 1 hand to play before the break, and then add-on twice so this rule seems unfair on those buying in during the break.