Best Style for Pokerbros Tournament with Friends

Hello, I am somewhat new to poker (less than 1 year). I have read quite a few books, and watch a fair amount of youtube videos on hand analysis, hand reading, etc. Since the quarantine, a friend started a poker group on Pokerbros. I play a tournament 2 nights a week for $10 entry. The group is about 12-15 players on a given night.

The group is very loose passive. They almost always limp in preflop (if someone raises preflop they almost always have a pocket pair 10-10+). I, on the other hand, will raise 3x if I have a playable hand. I have learned that it is best not to open with a limp in most cases. Usually I will play a little TAG style, but I did experiment with opening 10-20X last week to try and crush these limpers.

Postflop, some are calling stations, and some will fold to a bet. If someone limped in with K6 offsuit, if the flop pairs their K, they will keep calling to showdown.

About a month ago, I started keeping logs on what hands the other players are playing (hands and table position). Most are playing garbage ranges.

Are there any exploits that an experienced player may suggest to me on this forum?

I place in the money an above average amount of time (top 3 places money). Should I be happy with this result? Why can't I dominate more often (if possible)? Could I dominate more?

Any other notes I should take on how my oppenents play?