Pokercoaching Premium Special Offer (50% off + Bonuses)

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As most of you know, I've been an instructor with for about 15 months now. My content there has focused on the Triple Threat (in depth), Mental game mastery and study techniques, and hand quizzes for small stakes cash games and MTTs.

I've really loved being a part of this team and recently I asked Jonathan if I could help spread the word about pokercoaching premium by offering bonuses. He was kind enough to oblige and gave me a code to give people 50% off their first month!

I thought that sounded pretty sweet, but being one who enjoys giving I wanted to sweeten the deal even more. And so I added 3 of my best MTT Training programs to the mix. (14 hours of additional content in 3 awesome courses worth $497 total).

This is what we put together:

I felt that PCP was a little bit light on structured MTT content and that's why I chose to include these specific bonus courses. The MTT Video guide gives you a start to finish system for beating MTTs, covering all stages and stack sizes that matter.

The Live MTT Winning System is a mental game and motivational masterclass to ensure you always play your best when you sit down at the table (works well for online too).

And my WSOP Winning Formula is a 6 hour series I made to sum up every single tactic and technique I used to cash the WSOP Main Event 4 years in a row!

In addition to these courses I think that poker coaching premium has some incredible courses to get your game up to GTO speed very quickly and will have you crushing 1/2 2/5 in no time.

I'd recommend starting with the cash game masterclass by Jonathan Little himself

You Tube
(This video also includes a tour of the site, although I should probably do a new review video as Jonathan has added so much more stuff in the past 9 months)

and then following that up with the 6-max online holdem course by JustGTO, dude is a wizard! It also includes tons of charts and good insights from Michael Acevedo Pokercoaching Premium Special Offer (50% off + Bonuses)

I know that it's not for everyone, $50 is a significant amount to invest in training. But having gone thru all the courses online, in terms of most content and highest quality per dollar invested I don't think it gets any better than Poker Coaching Premium.

I think it's a great place to go after completing the 30 Days to become a winning poker player course right here on cards chat, and will really help you move up the ranks.

Anyway, if you have any questions about this offer or about the site, feel free to reply to this thread or send me a DM. I've been a coach with the site since it first launched in 2019 and have also been a member consuming lots of content so I can tell you what to expect and which courses are the best based on what you're looking to work on.

Hope you enjoy it, it took me quite a while to convince Jonathan to let me offer this discount and about a month to put together this website Pokercoaching Premium Special Offer (50% off + Bonuses)

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