AKs EQ vs common hands

Hi!, may I introduce as B-hop. I'm currently a casual freeroll player learning the strategy and the fundamentals of Poker.

Today, I present to you a little memory sheet I made for the EQ of AKs a tricky hand that can get a lot of value or a making you a bad beat if you don't play it correctly. This sheet presents EQ value of AKs vs common spots of preflop and postflop taking in consideration a minimun EQ in the worst escenario a medium EQ when the board texture is so-so and a maximun EQ where the flop hits in the best scenario as possible.

This estimates are not a hard stone rule, things can change and there are a lot of possible flops but here you have a baseline to make your decisions.

Spoiler alert!

Hope you like this kind of content if you want any kind of sheet like this or maybe you have another idea of hand to review, please let me know in the reply!.
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