Problems with deposits and withdrawals from Argentina

Hi all.

I take the liberty of copying this that I published yesterday in the Spanish section. I do it because maybe the right place for this post is this.
This is the post:

"Hello people.
I wanted to ask you a question that I don't know if it is the right place but hey, here I am. I suppose, from what I have seen at the tables, that I am not the only Argentine (living in Argentina) that there is in Cardschat and my question has to do with the difficulty we have in our country to deposit and / or withdraw money from the rooms poker. My question is how my compatriots do with this topic, because honestly I am somewhat confused and I have no idea how to do it. I will appreciate any advice in this regard. Thank you very much. A big hug to everyone from Buenos Aires. "

I apologize for repeating the message, but perhaps the right place for this post is this.

Thanks for always being there.

Kind regards from Buenos Aires.