Poker Analogy

I was thinking of a way to visualize what I needed to remember at the tables in a simple way and this is what I came up with, I wanted to see what other people think and hear your ideas

Think of your poker career as a boat on water, the fuel you carry is your bankroll, the crew you house is your psychological state, the vessel itself is your knowledge, reaction to the game and flexibility to your surroundings

The seas below you are the tables you play, too harsh and your boat will sink. Leaks in your vessel are amplified by rough seas, and you spend more fuel trudging through heavy waves, however you will be rewarded if you make it through unforgiving waters.

Looking for leaks in your vessel will make it stronger, and there will always be improvements to be made, as you advance your ship and train your crew, your fuel supply will grow, and you will be experienced enough to take on tougher journeys where greater rewards lies. Push yourself to succeed but don't let yourself sink.

Keep your fuel source topped up to stay out of trouble, keep your crew happy to stay focused and on track and sail where you can stay afloat but will still be challenged.