Losing to poker - Tilt

to this day it remains the great forgotten and the great enemy of the player, not only because of what it brings, but because the mental aspect is the fundamental and fundamental pillar on which a player must be based first. I can guarantee that a very fit player will not achieve anything if he does not have a healthy mental aspect, and he will end up boycotted by himself continuously, throwing all his skills overboard because of the tilt. On the other hand, a player of the lot who works and dominates the tilt and the mental force, with work and perseverance will manage to ascend little by little in the levels of poker. For me, the mental aspect has more weight than the technical aspect, and unfortunately it does not work or purify anything, being one of the main keys to the failure of a player, especially when you get bad times or seasons of poor results , which will inevitably lead you to lose to poker. a player who is unable to play 100 hands without entering tilt is doomed to failure, a player who loses two flips has to close session full of anger is doomed to failure, a player who breaks mice to the minimum is doomed to failure, the tilt leads to failure ... and failed