The Dumbest Poker Game Ever Online Texas Hold 'em?

You get to a point in online hold 'em cash games, mtts, sit n gos where the skill levels start matching up and it really comes down to stamina and luck.

I sat in a cash hold ‘em game in AC for 25 hours about 15 years ago, what a blast. I started playing around 4pm at a 5/10 level, and eventually when I left the game it was at 10/20. A younger guy around 10 years my junior sits down next to me around 1am, fresh like he just woke up, showered and shaved - smart he prepared for tired players. Guy nudged me, flashed me his cards only one hand, pocket aces, there were no all ins or large bets, he mucked them pre-flop. Over the 12 hours he played he took the table for over $6k, I ended up winning playing over twice as much time, $1800.

Accept the fact that online hold ‘em is a dumb F’ing game and you will deal with its swings better, maybe even elevate your play and get consistency. You must except this fact or just save time now because you’d make more money over time holding a beggar’s cup in an empty alley.