Black Friday, How Has it Changed Poker?

I'm sitting here, smoking weed, playing tournament poker and reading/posting here on CC and started wondering why I'm losing my BR, some of you thought right away, "It's the weed", well that's not it.
I have been here at CC for a little over 10yrs, I also have been playing online since then. During the first few years of playing online, I was a losing player, I lacked discipline and patience, through this forum I started learning more and slowing started to make small gains, I was playing mostly tournaments and $10NL full ring about once or twice a week and making small profits but lacked BRM, because of this, I was playing beyond proper BRM.
I had stopped playing poker for awhile, life happened, well, I became interested in poker again and started making small deposits, Now realizing I wasn't properly rolled for $10NL I played $2NL, I didn't care for the reckless play, not that it wan't present in $10NL, just not as many were reckless.
So now I play micro-tournaments, I know I play strong, making the right decisions most of the time, and find myself getting crippled or knocked out by bingo players, I know, it's part of the game, and I accept that.

Now on to the reason I started this thread.
How did Black Friday change poker?

For me I think it made it harder for Canadians on Pokerstars to make money at poker, how? When the United State was allowed to play on pokerstars, I seemed to make small profits and make ITM more often, not because American players were softer, They just played North American style poker, if that makes any sense to you.
With the Americans gone from PS, there are simply more Eastern style poker being played on PS.

Sorry about story, weed makes me that way