------------Red Makes Small Amounts of $ at 2NL [Cash thread]------------

Sup everybody. Been awhile since I've made one of these . I will appreciate very much any and all input so I do encourage anyone and everyone to follow along and participate in this thread.

So after quite a long hiatus from attempting to make my way up the ranks in the stars zoom pools I've finally found myself back playing Mirco stakes ZOOM cash games.

I'm a little less ambitious than in the past and also much more time restricted than most of my previous attempts but I will be setting some volume goals and of course some learning goals as I go along.

I will be detailing posts with thoughts and questions about sessions and hands I have in this thread as well as bullshitting about random life stuff as well I would assume.

So to begin I haven't got much other than a volume + bankroll goal.

Volume: I'm hoping to put in around ~10k hands a week which should be end up being around ~12 hours a week of playing 4 tables of 6max zoom. Obviously this puts my volume goal for the month at ~40K hands played.

Bankroll: Only move out of 2nl at 1 trillion buyins for the next level or when time has actually been utilized to improve game and mental deficiencies.

Thanks for reading! I will be updating as frequently as I can.

GL everyone hope you are all out there crushing the games

Also if anyone has any questions about basically anything feel free to fire away.