System Diversity

In Brazil PokerStar some time ago has been changing, because before the game did not have the bets and the casino for the Brazilians, now it has, and this I have taken advantage of, I am always visiting the casinos and betting.
In casinos I have been spinning a few slots and frequented a few gaming tables, and on other occasions I have only visited the games to have a read for when to come back to have a more robust experience.
In betting I have used to bet on some games of the Cup, but I am still inexperienced in bets because it did not exist in Brazil, and I am always studying and observed the site for when to return to make more robust bets.
This has been seen as quite positive, because it brings diversity to the game and possibly greater profits, knowing that I can not play poker for a long time, because I lose the quality of my games so sometimes I am in casinos and betting.