Sportsbetting cash out freeroll winning trick if anyone wants to use it.

their rules

Hello found this one from your webpage

Players who generate winnings from a poker freeroll and have no previous deposit are required to make a minimum deposit and roll this over at least once in the sportsbook prior to any payout being approved.

The maximum bonus for first time depositors is $500, for re-deposits $1000. The minimum deposit is $25. Minimum deposits can change depending on the deposit method used.

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so I think according to your rules, a min deposit 25 is enough to get approved from poker freeroll wining withdraw? and because min deposit is by deposit methods, from your web, If I choose to deposit through bitcoin, because min deposit through bitcoin is 20 dollars, so 20 dollar deposit through bitcoin is accept by sportsbetting as min deposit.

and I will spend like 20 dollars to buy any or any two games, make an roll over as that amount, so all set?

thank you.

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so my question get confirmed.


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then next part is easy game.

deposit 20 through bitcoin, well I do 21 in case not enough.

then roll over very easy

see pick up a tennis game, regardless.

spend 108 to win 100 this odd is perfect. well sometimes you can find 106 to win 100.

so bet both sides....

this will make roll over more than 21.

and regardless what the game comes, you spend 11.34X2=22.68 to GTD back with 11.34+10.5

so just lost about 0.84 dollars , and you are eligible to get your freeroll money directly out.