Problems at BoL because SB account for cardschat

I was having some oddball issues with BoL as a result of my SB account on same IP. The support team could not explain why I was getting error messages in real $ games at BoL about anti collusion policy when I try to register for tournaments. I had played 2 possibly 3 cardschat freerolls on my SB account (did not cash) and 0 games for real $. Casey in support via live chat reply: If you have reason to suspect collusion, please send me info for support. Me: May I please speak to somebody that plays poker? /sighs and head drooping. Long story short, I closed my SB account. Problems at BoL because SB account for cardschat Be advised. Their goofy network messes up if you have accounts at both and 1 wins real money. It only happened a few times that I tried to register and got error, but always I really wanted to play said event and was not able to register even 1X. Obviously, 2X is and should be impossible from same network... I used same network and device for both sites so it was literally impossible to make a mistake. Yet, I still would get Anti Collusion Error. Meh... If you win and do real $ it does not jive with other skin on same network. Please be advised.