poker sites for Iranian players

Hi. Once we had access to pokerstars , nice days. i myself even had the chance to end up first in some MTTs . But unfortunately during our improvement process in poker, all of a sudden we received the terrible email that pokerstars doesnt offer service to your country any more. what a shame. they called us along side some other countries as "grey countries". the process was interrupted . some of us moved to multiple iranian illegal poker sites , but for me those sites (even though are crowded) were and are garbage, too many action flops, set over set , ace high flush against king high flush, top two pairs against set.( just to maximize pots and so their rake. Anyway , i make this thread for Iranian players so they can share any Europian or Asian good poker sites they know which accept players from Iran.

I personaly have found RedStar which is mostly full of russian players and accepts Webmoney system for deposit/withdrawal. not a great site like the bests in the industry but its good anyway.

site : REDSTAR

any other sites you know?