Online Poker Software Updates

I have had a bad experience with Black Chip Poker which has been torn apart because people were cheating (they were and still are changing the software), it was last year during an OSS Cub3d which is supposed to give small stake players a chance to win big.

I deposited $50 and registered for 8 tournaments which had an average of 12 people already registered in them with Stud H/L being the most expensive at $15, I was excited about the possibility of winning big over the next week of poker action. I registered in everything from Holdem to Omaha H/L, I set my calendar reminders and alarms for 4 days of continuous poker and went to bed, when I got up and signed onto BCP the games were set at 0 players and all of my green registered tournaments were gone.

I tried calling on the phone and chat wasn't available so I had to sign onto my email account to contact support. I wanted to cry but I didn't, I got angry and sent a strongly worded email (no curse words) to BCP support asking what happened to my MOSS games that I registered for? Where was my $44 because it wasn't in my account?

The only thing that they said to me was prove it, show us proof that you registered for those games, the only thing that I had was an online calendar with dates and times that I set aside to play a game that comes in a lot of variations. I interacted with support for 3 days and ended up with nothing but a broken heart, I don't think that I will ever see online poker with the same enthusiasm again.

The moral of this story is never preregister for a cash online poker game because anything can happen.