I play on 3 poker sites currently, and I say currently because I am fed up with the 3 I am on. They would be PokerStars, America's Cardroom and 888.

They have features I like on all 3, but overall, even though I play for Free, basically, they suck.

PokerStars is the best of these 3, but it ain't that great, they do respond in customer service the quickest, I will give them that. They still suck.

ACR is the wonkiest of the 3, their site is ridiculous to play on, very hard to follow and when they freeze up? I was logged in to 5 games the other day and poof, they were down and never came back up, for me at least. No customer service to be found there and they suck BAD.

888 can kiss my AZZZ. They have promotions that are stupid and they give these tokens that are tied to deposits. Customer service sucks. I am not sure how these jerks even manage to stay in business only to say they are crooks.

There is a reason people play the way they do on-line, benefits still outweigh the negatives for me, but the only reason I will continue to play on these sites is because of CardsChat. Otherwise, I will never take any of them seriously and bother jumping through the DEPOSIT hoops for any of them, they are not worth it, PERIOD< THEY ALL SUCK!