New poker rooms USA. why aren't the major networks coming back

I don't get why the major poker networks over seas aren't coming back to USA yet.
what ate they waiting for ??

so we have several USA sites that have been operating for years, and a couple of those like intertops , BOL , and sportsbook where around before black Friday.
and we're getting new ones popping up lately.

So what is pokerstars , 888 or others waiting for. nothing is happening to anyone.
I know they say there waiting to come back to usa.. legally but thats never going to happen.
even 888 isn't even in nevada yet and that's the gambling spot in the USA.

and why are all these other sites able to run with no problem. even the new ones popping up. like pppoker and they advertise everywhere .
and there not claiming some sort of sweeps cash to be loop hole legal.
anyways any thoughts or facts, was interested to hear.