For those of you who are starting poker and looking to make a profit, do not forget that before you even existed those who have been playing for decades.
The poker has been growing, every day a different player appears in the rooms, like every beginner this player is only a sailor of the first trip, does not know anything about the room.
It is not difficult to identify a beginner at poker tables, this player usually only plays with prize money and thinks he will always win with them.
The most experienced players at the tables play with either hand and especially if they have a good position at the tables. They seem to know the cards of the game.
So the worst thing about online poker is changing rooms, someone playing at PokerStars, migrating to 888 or vice versa, in this example.
It would be good if a more experienced player played in both rooms, or even more and preferably with the same player identification, to be recognized in the poker forums.
Playing in two rooms can be lucrative for those who have the time and wisdom, even though the rooms are different.
There is a player who accumulates good cash winnings, so this player could transfer a little to another poker site without any problem, however his journey in the new room will be beginner, he will have to play at the lowest levels before changing to big levels.
They would have to organize themselves in the time, could very well in the morning play in the determined site, in the afternoon of changing of site and for night still playing in a third site of poker.
And so he could profit in every room and when one lost in the other he would win.