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September 23, 2017
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Your Friendly Guide To Making Ukash Online Casino Payments

We’ll Answer Your Speed and Security Questions And Show You How To Make a Ukash Transaction
Ukash Poker Sites

Since 2005, anyone that's wanted to play poker online using cash has had only one option - Ukash. This unique banking option is popular for all kinds of Internet transactions and it has a lot to offer. Read on to see why Ukash might be perfect for your online gaming banking needs!

The ratings for September 2017 are in: Ignition Poker is once again our top rated Ukash poker site.

What are the advantages of using Ukash?

Since this is the one option that really lets you play anonymously, you get benefits for both privacy and safety reasons. Also, signing up is not necessary. Just buy the card and you're good to go!

Why should you pick our recommended sites?

  • Decent sign up bonuses
  • Excellent software for better gameplay
  • 24/7 Customer support
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Ukash at a Glance

Started in 2005, Uk-based Ukash is a popular method of spending money online without giving up card or bank details. Vouchers can be bought at thousands of shops worldwide and then the code they provide can be entered on any site accepting Ukash. The brand has since been bought by Skrill, and players continue to enjoy gaming in a poker room that takes Ukash.

What is Ukash?

Ukash is a payment system built around prepaid cards. You can purchase them at almost half a million retail locations worldwide without having to worry about credit cards or eWallet accounts - just use cash! Then, the value of the card can be applied to web-based purchases and deposits at participating online poker sites.

Why Should I Make A Deposit for Internet Poker Using Ukash?

Because the vouchers don’t require any sign up process to buy, internet poker using Ukash is a very simple option for players. When it comes to making deposits, voucher codes afford players complete anonymity in any poker room that takes Ukash. Poker fans can enjoy their privacy when playing online poker with Ukash, and will have the added security of not needing to enter card or bank details online. Payments are instant, too. Just enter the code and you’re ready to play online poker with Ukash.

Make Your Deposit At A Poker Site That Accepts Ukash

  1. Go to any one of the thousands of retail sites selling Ukash vouchers and pay the amount you want (poker rooms tend to have a minimum deposit of $20).
  2. To make your deposit, the process is the same as it is for any site accepting Ukash. Head to the cashier section of the website and select the Ukash option.
  3. On any poker site that accepts Ukash a form will be provided for you to enter the amount and the 19-digit code. Check you’ve entered everything correctly and then make your deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Ukash?

Once you have your card, go to your poker room's cashier and select Ukash as your deposit option. Then, enter the amount that you want to deposit along with the secret 19-digit code located directly on the card. Click to confirm and you'll be finished. Just be careful with the card (and its 19-digit code). It should be treated like real cash.

Will I get a welcome bonus when I use my Ukash account?

Yes. Players using poker sites that accept Ukash depositors should have access to all of the same across-the-board welcome bonuses that other Texas Hold'em players can access.

How quickly will my money be available after I deposit with Ukash?

Your money should appear instantly after a Ukash deposit, so there's no reason to wait around. This is one of the many advantages that Ukash and online poker work so well. That allows you to get straight to the action in your favorite gambling website.

Are there deposit limits?

Yes, there are. The minimum allowed deposit at an Internet poker room is typically $20 and, no matter what, there is a hard maximum of $499 per transaction, because that is maximum value of any single Ukash card. Your daily maximum deposit limit may be higher than that, though, depending upon your standing at your online poker room.

Can US players use Ukash at online poker sites?

These cards are not yet available in the US. However, because of the anonymity, you could conceivable purchase them abroad and use them when physically in the US. You'd still need a US-friendly way to withdraw your winnings, though.

Is there a fee to make a Ukash deposit?

No. Ukash deposits are free to make at all online gambling websites.

Can I withdraw to my Ukash account?

Yes. Request a withdrawal via Ukash in your poker room's cashier and they'll send you a new 19-digit code. Then, just take it to your local Ukash vendor to redeem it for cash. The process is exactly like buying the card, but in reverse.

How quickly can I withdraw money to my Ukash account from my poker account?

How quickly can you get to the nearest Ukash vendor? Once you have the 19-digit withdrawal code, your money is already waiting for you!

What happens if my currency is not supported by the poker site?

If this is the case, then your real money poker room will do all of the work behind the scenes to turn your money into a currency that works on their site. This isn't necessarily ideal, but with acceptable exchange rates and low fees, it may be negligible. Call your poker site for all of the details and then make an informed decision.

Is my Ukash information secure with a poker site?

Yes. Ukash uses very limited information to begin with, and Internet gambling sites are careful to ensure that even this information is protected at all times.

How do online poker sites protect my Ukash information?

Poker sites use 128-bit encryption protocols to protect your information when it is in transit from your computer to the poker site. Once that transaction is over, there should be no Ukash information to store in the real money card room's servers, so you won’t need to worry about any information being stolen after that.

How will I bet asked to verify my details when withdrawing using Ukash at a poker site?

One great thing about Ukash is that there’s no particular information needed to process a withdrawal to a new Ukash voucher. The poker room can simply buy a voucher and give it to you, and then you can cash out the funds. Your name doesn’t even need to be on the voucher to use it. However, the gambling website may ask for some form of identity verification before processing your withdrawal, such as asking you to email them a scan of a drivers license or other form of ID.

Is Ukash more secure than other payment methods?

Ukash is perhaps the most secure method for processing a payment next to cash – and since you can’t send paper money over the Internet yet, that makes the voucher system hard to beat. The only security issue with Ukash is that if a voucher is stolen, another individual will have no problem using it. That means you should treat your Ukash vouchers like cash. You can also report missing vouchers at the Ukash website and request that they be cancelled and replaced with new codes.

Will a poker site ever ask me for information about my Ukash vouchers?

There is absolutely no reason why a Ukash online poker site would ask you about anything to do with your Ukash vouchers. These vouchers are only to be used in any way when you’re either depositing money or withdrawing funds, and you should treat them like cash by not giving anyone access to them otherwise. There are scams where people claiming to be representatives of poker sites or other online gambling sites ask for Ukash information, so don’t share your voucher codes with anyone until you are using them to make a deposit.

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