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Tracing its history all the way back to 2000, Paysafecard is among the few ways that players can really play poker online with no risk of identity theft and it doesn't even require you to sign up for anything! Keep reading as we review this deposit option and help you decide if Paysafecard is the right real money gambling deposit option for you.

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What are the advantages of using Paysafecard?

The number one reason that online poker players choose Paysafecard is that it lets them play real money card games anonymously. This means that they can forget about the risk of identity theft, maintain their privacy, and, incredibly, avoid any kind of fees! Also, with such a large customer base, Paysafecard is accepted by all major online poker sites.

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Paysafecard at a Glance

A poker room that takes Paysafecard is one of the easiest options for a player to make a deposit. The pre-paid vouchers can be used at any poker site accepting Paysafecard. They are available at thousands of retailers and cashpoints worldwide, and in many currencies. Online poker with Paysafecard is very popular because of the anonymity it provides players, and is perfect for those who cant or wont use a debit or credit card.

What is Paysafecard?

Paysafecard is technically based in Vienna but it's been promoted all over the European Union, and it is actually regulated by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority. Today, Paysafecard is available to Texas Hold'em players in over 30 countries, and it helps them turn cash into digital money (via prepaid cards) that can be used for all kinds of electronic transactions.

Why Am I Better Off Playing Internet Poker Using Paysafecard?

There are no worries about security issues, transaction fees or complicated deposit procedures when you play internet poker using Paysafecard. Your money and financial details are always completely safe. You purchase a voucher in a shop and then redeem it at any poker site that accepts Paysafecard. You wont need to provide any personal details online to use the service, which is why playing online poker with Paysafecard is such a fast and secure deposit method.

How To Deposit At A Poker Site That Accepts Paysafecard

  1. Buy a Paysafecard voucher at a local retailer or ATM (a list of Paysafecard suppliers can be found at You can choose between 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 vouchers, and they are good for any site accepting Paysafecard.
  2. Find your preferred poker room that takes Paysafecard, go to the cashier page and choose the Paysafecard option.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and then your password.
  4. Even if youve chosen a poker room that accepts Paysafecard, youll be redirected to the actual Paysafecard site before you enter the 16-digit PIN on your voucher. You can combine up to 10 PINs at once to deposit larger amounts at one time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Paysafecard?

In order to use Paysafecard to make online gambling deposits, first you need to buy one of their prepaid cards. They can be found at over 350,000 locations around the world, and they come in 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 denominations. Buy the card, go to your poker site's cashier, and enter the 16-digit pin found on the card to make the deposit. Note that you can combine up to ten cards in a single deposit for a total transaction of 1,000! Also, you can use the same PIN multiple times and you can have multiple cards at once.

Will I get a welcome bonus when I use my Paysafecard?

Yes. Popular poker deposit options like Paysafecard are always eligible for welcome bonuses to help you get some extra cash.

How quickly will my money be available after I deposit with Paysafecard?

It will be ready instantly or nearly instantly. Expect to wait a couple of minutes at the most, so you won't have to wait before joining a great Texas Hold'em tournament.

Are there deposit limits?

Minimum deposits for Paysafecard users are generally between 25 and 50. The maximum allowed cash deposits are typically several times larger than that (at least) but you can never actually make a Paysafecard transaction worth more than 1,000. If you're a high roller, you'll need to make several real money deposits at a gambling site to get larger amounts of cash into your account.

Can US players use Paysafecard at online poker sites?

Paysafecard exists in the US but, the cards purchased by American Texas Hold'em players can only be used at a few USA online poker sites at this time.

Is there a fee to make a Paysafecard deposit?

No. Paysafecard deposits are totally free for Internet poker players.

Can I withdraw to my Paysafecard account?

No. This is a one-way service, which is to say that it was only designed to send money to vendors or poker websites online.

What happens if my currency is not supported by the poker site?

This is a very common issue for Internet poker sites, so naturally they're great at dealing with it. Basically, they will take your money and exchange it to the currency that they use on their site. This is done automatically, but some online gambling websites are better at it than others. Check to make sure you know which exchange rate they will use and to understand any applicable fees.

Is my Paysafecard information secure with a poker site?

Yes! One of the great things about Paysafecard is that theres really no information to keep secure, but even during the transaction process when you may use only part of the value of a Paysafecard, and want to keep the remainder of the card value secure for later use all our recommended poker rooms are careful to guard your information at all times.

How do poker sites protect my Paysafecard information?

A poker site should never have to store any of your Paysafecard information, which takes away one potential point of vulnerability. During your deposits, your information will be protected by 128-bit secure encryption standards, ensuring that nobody can intercept that information and read it.

How will I bet asked to verify my details when withdrawing using Paysafecard at a poker site?

Cash withdrawals from a gambling website are not possible using a Paysafecard.

Is Paysafecard more secure than other payment methods?

The Paysafecard is one of the most secure deposit methods in the Internet gambling industry. Since the Paysafecard is a single use deposit method thats entirely anonymous, theres nothing to worry about even in the unlikely scenario where someone else gains access to your card information. The most you can possibly lose is the amount on the card; other than that, there is no information or anything else to link the card to you. If a Paysafecard PIN is lost or stolen, you can call their service hotline immediately to freeze the card and get a replacement number.

Will a poker site ever ask me for information about my Paysafecard?

A poker site should never ask you for information about any Paysafecard you own, except when you are making a deposit. If anyone claiming to be from a poker site asks you for your Paysafecard number, you should not share it (unless you are talking to a verified customer service agent who is helping you make a deposit).

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Paysafecard deposits provide an extra level of security but players can still come across scamming websites that only aim to take their money. In our search for the best online casinos, we came across several online poker rooms that should be avoided.

  • Infamous for not honoring withdrawals
  • Disrespectful support team
  • After being shut down, the poker room has surfaced illegally in the past
  • Doesnt follow regulations for protecting customers
  • Accepts bitcoin payments but issues appear when withdrawing
  • Connections are not properly encrypted when making deposits
  • No players on the tables
  • Reports of the operator using player funds without consent
  • The Curacao license is worthless
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