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The latest innovation in card-free payment methods, paying by phone bill, or prepaid phone top-up, allows players to deposit funds directly into their online casino account, without having to divulge any personal details or passwords. It's a relatively new concept, but one that's catching on fast. Particularly among the top rated online gambling sites out there in 2019.

Playing in a pay by phone site offers:

  • Immediate deposit payments with no wait times
  • A safe way to deposit real cash securely
  • Bonuses for paying by phone at an online casino

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Explore a Whole New Way of Depositing Online

Paying by phone is the latest in a long line of innovative new payment methods that have come to light in recent years, attempting to improve online security and minimise fraud in online poker rooms. e-wallet methods do this pretty well but because they store your card details, and require a password to action, there's still a niggling seed of doubt among some about their long-term security credentials.

The ideal system is one which doesn't require your bank details in any way, shape, or form to process a payment, and that's precisely what pay by mobile casinos offer. By allowing players to deposit funds directly into their bankroll, simply by using their mobile or landline phone number, they remove the need for players to store or share any sensitive financial data.

"Pay by phone deposits offer a brilliant alternative for players wanting to make the most of their mobile."

The amount a player chooses to deposit is then simply added as an additional charge to the user's phone bill statement at the end of month or, for pay as you go mobiles, deducted in real time from the available phone balance. Providing you're connected to 3/4G when making the transaction, you won't be required to confirm your mobile phone number either. As well as being the safest online payment method around, pay by phone is also one of the fastest.

Taking Your First Steps

If paying by phone bill sounds like it might be for you, there are just a few simple steps to getting started. The most obvious of which is actually owning a mobile phone in the first place. The exact model doesn't make a difference, so even if you aren't the lucky recipient of the latest iPhone or Samsung smartphone device you can still elect to play in a pay by phone casino. Providing you have credit on your phone balance, or a pay monthly bill, you're eligible to play.

The second thing you'll need to get started is a gambling site offering pay by mobile as a deposit method. As we mentioned at the top of this page, the concept is still being adopted so you might have to shop around a bit before you come across a casino that offers this method. As always, our reviewers have been on the case to seek out the best pay by phone casinos out there today, so if in doubt, check out our recommendations.

Once you've found somewhere to play, it's just a matter of selecting pay by phone in the deposit methods and nominating the amount of real cash you want to deposit. The exact science varies from one network phone provider to the next, but essentially you'll be directed to a screen asking you to confirm the amount and the recipient. Once you hit 'Submit', the funds will be added instantaneously and the amount you've chosen to deposit will deduct from your balance, or appear on your monthly bill.

Why Go Mobile with Your Banking?

Faster deposit speeds, a secure payment method, and a one-step transaction process - the question isn't why would you pay by phone, the question is why wouldn't you?

Here's what this card-free instant payment method offers online gamblers:

  • A 100% safe way of making real cash deposits to an online casino account
  • Instant uploads of funds to your account (providing your balance is topped up if you're a pay as you go user)
  • No threat to online security through credit card or password sharing
  • Real time payments or one-off payments at the end of every month
  • A one-click approach to adding funds to your account online

payforIT - An Ingenious Initiative

payforIT logo

Sadly, payforIT is currently only available in the UK and Australia, meaning that online poker lovers in the US will have to decide upon an alternative method to fund their accounts.

If you're a UK or Australian online casino or poker player, and your mobile phone contract or balance is provided by one of the major network providers, you'll benefit from being able to use payforIT to make payments in an online pay by mobile casino.

PayforIT is a joint initiative supported by EE, O2, Orange, Three, Vodafone and T-Mobile, among other major mobile network providers. It allows phone users on these networks to purchase online, or make payments, using a mobile phone. There's no need to enter any credit card or other personal information, and payments are processed by your network supplier, who passes the charge back to you, either recorded on your monthly bill, or by deducting the amount spent from your credit balance.

There are no fees imposed for using the secure service, so players can enjoy even greater anonymity and security when making deposits. Providing the platform accepts payforIT as a deposit method you can begin adding funds immediately.

Pay By Phone: A Final Word

If you value your online security and you can easily keep tabs on the amount of real cash deposits you're adding to your online casino account, then pay by phone is a top payment option to use.

That said, charges that show up on your phone statement at the end of the month are a bit like credit card bills, in the sense that it's easy to keep paying out for things, and lose track of the total amount you're spending. Having a pay as you go phone helps to solve this issue as you'll never be permitted to make deposits in excess of the balance stored on your mobile device. This makes it easy to control your spending in real time, and not put it to the back of your mind until the day the dreaded bill turns up to haunt you.

Find Your Perfect Poker Room Today

So, if you can keep tabs on your spending and at a limit you feel comfortable with, then playing in a pay by phone poker room definitely offers one of the best experiences around. The variety of gambling sites accepting this payment method is only set to soar as the concept gathers momentum. Be sure to check out our recommended list of the top casino & poker destinations accepting pay by mobile payments in 2019 to help you make a decision.

Pay by Phone FAQs

How do pay by phone gambling sites work?

They work by deducting money from your mobile phone balance or by adding charges to your monthly phone bill for you to pay when the statement comes in.

Can I use a mobile and/or landline?

Internationally, this deposit option is still catching on. The concept is in use with mobile phone numbers in Australia and New Zealand and other territories are no doubt set to follow suit in the very near future as demand for making payments by phone grows worldwide.

Is it a good way to make a deposit?

Absolutely. It's fast, safe, and quick so it's one of the best deposit methods available to online casino & poker players in the UK, and other territories worldwide currently accepting pay by phone mobile payments in 2019.

When are the funds withdrawn?

If you're using a pay as you go mobile phone the amount you deposit automatically deducts from your available phone credit. If you're using a landline phone number or pay monthly mobile you'll be expected to pay the charges as part of your monthly phone bill.

How long does the deposit process take?

Literally seconds! It's just a case of entering in the amount you want to deposit, and then confirming the payment.

What fees are involved?

No fees are charged by network providers or landline phone carriers, but online casinos may impose a fee for payments made by phone so it's best to check this out prior to making your first real money deposit using pay by phone.

How are winnings paid?

Winnings are paid directly into your online casino account. You can't make withdrawals by phone, only deposits, so you'll need to select another way to withdraw your funds if you want to take out your winnings.

Is it safe to use?

Yes it's completely safe. In fact, it's now one of the safest ways to make online payments and real money deposits in an online casino as it doesnt require any card info or passwords.

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If you are looking for a good mobile poker site, you should be cautious. There are online scams that promise great compatibility with mobile devices. However, once your deposit goes through, you can say goodbye to your funds forever.

We came across several such poker rooms and added them to our blacklist.

  • Soon to be closed
  • Processing takes up to several weeks for cashing out
  • Sites & apps crash frequently
  • Android and iOS applications with malware
  • Emails take forever to be answered on the poker room
  • No license, no headquarters address, no certification
  • Reports of changing rake percentages
  • Unfair bonus terms
  • No clear support available
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