Here's some questions for you Dave, thank you for taking the time to let me interview you.
  1. Q. How long had you been playing as a amateur before turning pro and what was the reason behind it?
    A. 20 years or so...full explanation is on my profile at

  2. Q. Do you ever regret turning pro?
    A. No the quality of life is excellent.

  3. Q. What are the big advantages of being a pro?
    A. Not having to work 9 to 5. Being able to do what you want, when you want. Getting to see many glamorous and interesting places & people and the disadvantages? The poker gods really know how to kick a person in the team.

  4. Q. Do you play online and what are your favourite sites?
    A. and the occasional big tourney at poker stars and party poker.

  5. Q. Do you prefer cash games or tournaments and which is the most profitable?
    A. I prefer the competiveness of tournaments but cash games are FAR more profitable for me.

  6. Q. Which other pros do you respect/fear the most?
    A. I don't fear anybody and that's not big headed. I don't think that any professional poker player actually fears other opponents. I prefer to play against tighter opponents though.

    I respect the Pros who know how to handle themselves...John Juanda is may be the best example. Siedel and Ferguson are others from America. The Grinder is a hell of a new player and will be around for a long time. Rob Hollink and David Benyamine may be the top Europeans. It is difficult for me to isolate UK players as so many of them are close friends but John Shipley, Keith Hawkins, Ram Vaswani, Paul Maxfield are great players. If Eric Barker and Alan Mclean travelled more they would match some of the best in the world as well.

  7. Q. Which single piece of advice would you give to a player starting out and hoping to be a pro?
    A. Patience patience patience..sit, watch, learn and only play occasionally.

  8. Q. What limits did you start at as a pro and what do you play now?
    A. I've played everything from 5 comps to $25,000 buy in events...

  9. Q. Do you think online/tv poker has improved or damaged the game?
    A. They have both brought hoardes of new players into the game, which can only be a good thing.

  10. Q. Wheres the best place you've played poker?
    A. The Cincinnati Club, Glasgow.

  11. Q. If you had to play your entire bankroll heads up, which pro would you play against and why?
    A. Daniel Negreanu at the Wynn because it would mean that I had half a million in the bank.

  12. Q. As you've often shared a table on late night poker with Korosh Nejad has he ever left you speechless? And what's he like away from the table?
    A. I like playing with Korosh. I find him easy to read. He left me speechless in the recent one table satelitte for though. He moved all in with 33 against my 88 and got lucky. Then repeated the feat all-in with K9 against my AA. I didn't say a word to the wife all the way home, and it was a 4 hour drive.

  13. Q. What would be your nightmare final table for a million quid? (Who and Why?)
    A. Playing for a million quid final table would not and could not be a nightmare but...
    • Phil Hellmuth (because I would have to listen to his garbage)
    • Tony Kendall (because I would to look at that awful Plum jacket and awful Orange hair)
    • Keith 'the Camel' Hawkins (because he would always steal my blinds)
    • Korosh (because he would undoubtably get lucky against me)
    • Marc Goodwin (because he always has a pair of Queens)
    • Mad Marty Wilson (because I wouldn't be able to stop laughing long enough to concentrate)
    • Rhowena Colclough (because I would have to let her win)
    • Any one of a hundred 21 year old scandanavians (because they would win it and blow the lot before the end of the week)

    Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions Dave and good luck at the tables.

    Interview with Dave ColClough conducted by bigjace.

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