What is a Full House in Poker?

A Full House is the third best possible hand out of all the poker hands. It is a combination of five cards, where three are a Three of a Kind, and the other two are a Pair.

Full House

Full House

What Does a Full House Look Like?

A Full House is a combination of a Three of a Kind and a Pair. You can find some examples right here:

  1. Aicon-suit-spade, Aicon-suit-heart, Aicon-suit-club, Qicon-suit-heart, Qicon-suit-diamond
  2. Jicon-suit-diamond, Jicon-suit-club, Jicon-suit-spade, 2icon-suit-spade, 2icon-suit-heart
  3. 10icon-suit-club, 10icon-suit-spade, 10icon-suit-heart, Aicon-suit-diamond, Aicon-suit-spade
  4. 4icon-suit-heart, 4icon-suit-spade, 4icon-suit-diamond, Kicon-suit-spade, Kicon-suit-heart

How Does a Full House Rank?

The Full House is towards the higher end of the poker hands list. It is not the best poker hand but it is very strong and will end up the winning hand in most cases. It is weaker than a Straight Flush and Four of a Kind, but stronger than a Flush and all hands below that.

What Beats a Full House?


Hand Names


Hand Description


Royal Flush

Royal Flush hand eg

10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace all in the same suit.


Straight Flush

straight flush hand eg

Five cards in a row, all in the same suit.


Four of a Kind

four of a kind hand eg

The same card in each of the four suits.


Full House

full house hand eg

A pair plus three of a kind in the same hand.



flush hand eg

Five cards, all in one suit, but not in numerical order.



straight hand eg

Five cards in numerical order, but not of the same suit.


Three of a Kind

three of a kind hand eg

Three of one card and two non-paired cards.


Two Pair

two pair hand eg

Two different pairings or sets of the same card in one hand.


One Pair

one pair hand eg

One pairing of the same card.


High Card

high card hand eg

No matching cards

The strength of a Full House is determined by the value of the three matching cards. For example, a hand with Qicon-suit-spade, Qicon-suit-club, Qicon-suit-diamond, 2icon-suit-diamond, 2icon-suit-heart (Queens full of Deuces) is stronger than 4icon-suit-club, 4icon-suit-diamond, 4icon-suit-heart, Aicon-suit-club, Aicon-suit-diamond (4s full of Aces), even if each one is a Full House and the latter has a pair of Aces. This is because Queens are higher than 4s.

In a scenario where two players have the same Three of a Kind, the pair is then consulted to determine the winner. If this is also the same, the hand is tied and the pot is split.

How Should You Play a Full House in Hold’em?

A Full House is a strong hand, but it still ranks lower than a Royal FlushStraight Flush, and Four of a Kind - so it's not unbeatable.

Hitting a Full House on the flop is rare; it's more likely that you'll make Three of a Kind or Two Pair on the flop, and then hit the remaining card(s) you need on the turn and/or river.

How you play a Full House depends on how many people are in the hand and how strong you suspect their hands to be. If you're confident you have the best hand, you don't want to scare players out of the pot by betting too aggressively. Always remember that, in Texas Hold'em, to make a Full House there has to be a pair on the board, which often includes the possibility of Four of a Kind.

Full House Probabilities

When playing Texas Hold'em with a standard deck of 52 cards, a Full House can be obtained in 3,744 different ways. With seven cards available, there is a 2.60% probability of making a Full House.

Below, we will focus on the odds of being dealt a Full House on the flop. Meaning a player will have five cards – consisting of their two hole cards and the three flop cards.

Number of ways to make the hand

(not including different suits)

Number of ways to make the hand

(including different suits)

Odds of getting

a Full House

Probability of getting a Full House



1 / 693.17


The odds of being dealt a Full House on the flop is only the tip of the iceberg. For more on odds, including the probability of winning any given hand on the flop, turn, and/or river, have a play with our poker odds calculator.