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Aces Full of It: PokerTube Tour Part 1

July 14th, 2016 by Justin Buchanan
In the immortal words of an Italian who hasn't been a plumber in like at least 20 years: Let's-a go!

In the immortal words of an Italian who hasn’t been a plumber in like at least 20 years: Let’s-a go! (

PokerTube Tour Part 1

I’ve decided to do something a little different. For quite a while now, I’ve been meaning to check out the website PokerTube, basically a collection of poker videos of many descriptions. I’m going to be doing this thoroughly, so this will be a multi-parter. And not just a two-parter, either!  So strap yourself in for a long haul, boys and girls.

Introduction to PokerTube and “TV Shows” 

The first thing to understand about PokerTube is that it isn’t, in fact, a video hosting site in its own right. As far as I’ve seen, every video available to view on their site is hosted on and hotlinked to Youtube proper. I don’t know if that’s some kind of requirement for any video related site with “tube” at the end, but there it is.  This sort of presents a problem–if it isn’t up on Youtube, it isn’t up on Pokertube. Still, there has to be some point to this site existing, so I’ll be looking for anything that’s easier, more convenient, or less frustrating than just trying to find the same thing on Youtube.

I decided to go through Pokertube tab by tab. The first tab is “TV Shows.” Hovering over that gives you “WSOP”, “WPT”, and for some reason I can’t explain, “Poker Night In America.”  Clicking on the main tab takes you to a main page with lots more shows, but very few that have more than a few videos associated with them.  First, I tried the WPT section, but it didn’t seem to have anything comprehensive after Season 11.  However, working backwards from Season 11 it seems just about perfect.  Curiously, each episode has just under 30 minutes of length until season 7, where each episode starts having around 45 minutes.  Then, I tried the WSOP tab and lost my patience in record time even for me when the Episode 1 of last year’s Main Event linked to a video that “doesn’t exist” even when there is DEFINITELY a working 2015 Main Event Episode 1 on the WSOP Youtube channel itself.

How many commercials did they SHOW back in the day?! (Source:

How many commercials did they SHOW back in the day?! (Source:

“Live Poker”

The next thing I tried was the “Live Poker” tab.  This one seemed more promising.  It listed the recorded livestream of the first event of the WSOP, the Casino Employee event. As an aside, I think it’s some worthy symbolism that the people who run all the games get not just their own event for them to play in the WSOP, but the very first one, the “kickoff” event.  Not sure what it’s a symbol of exactly, but it’s a nice gesture.

However, upon simply going to the Youtube channel page of the WSOP, I discovered more live-streams for even more recent events, up to #20 (but not including all of them so far. I guess they haven’t managed to get people and logistics to cover simultaneous events) so still not perfect, but definitely superior to PokerTube. However, disregarding the WSOP they have a genuinely impressive selection of formerly live streamed events, from the only mildly foreign WPT National UK 2016, to the considerably more foreign GPPT Glasgow and EPT Barcelona, to gobs and gobs of the outright obscure “Celebrity Poker Showdown.” Why is that in the live poker tab and not the poker shows tab?

That’s it for Part 1.  Join me next time as I tackle “Poker Interviews” “Pros” and I may or may not include “Poker Hands.”

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