Aces Full of It:, Part Deux

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Last time, I gave my first impressions of the website and walked us through the first couple of video categories it has to offer. Today I’ll continue to cover more types of poker videos and hopefully share some coalescing thoughts on my overall opinion of the site so far.

Poker Interviews

Well, I’ll say one thing for PokerTube, they’re not stupid when it comes to marketing.  The moment the page loaded, the names “Mike Sexton” and “Tony Dunst” jumped out at me immediately.  While not really seeming to have anything with the TRULY famous names in poker, as I continued on I spotted plenty of names that I recognized, and a few that I didn’t but seemed interesting anyway.  The overall list of videos was dominated by two particular channels: High Roller Radio and Poker Life Podcast.  Many of the interviews were done by the former, and I might check them out more thoroughly to see what else they do some other time.  As for Poker Life Podcast, their videos were all over an hour so I took a rain check.


The function of the Pros tab became obvious immediately: to feature videos from the official Youtube channels of what big-name professional players had them.  My first action in this tab was to find something of Daniel Negraneau.  To my surprise, the video I clicked was actually hosted on PokerTube rather than greater Youtube, so if you’ll excuse me one moment I have a certain meal to make…

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Now that’s over, I have to say I’m impressed with this tab more than any so far.  Unlike the previous, the big names are there and they are very conspicuous.  Also I was totally wrong about the purpose I just stated.  There were probably some videos like that, but many were simply clips FEATURING said pros, and they ran the gamut from live clips to online clips to interviews to stuff that didn’t fit any of those three.  And again, there were videos actually done by PokerTube and not just sourced from a Youtube channel (though it still had those in plenty.) All in all, I liked it. If I remember to come back to this site myself, I’ll be spending some time here.

Thoughts So Far

I’ve definitely had to revise what I thought PokerTube was going to turn out to be. It’s definitely more comprehensive in some ways than others, but it is in fact comprehensive in those ways.  Next week I’ll cover the tabs “Poker Hands” and one that will likely make or break the utility of the site: “Training Videos.” Until next time, I’m the Ace That’s Full Of It–but as for what I’m full of exactly, you’ll have to decide for yourself.

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