Aces Full of It: Conclusion

Last time, I covered most of the rest of PokerTube’s tab categories. Today, we’ll wrap things up. Fair warning, I might get a little brief in places.


They seem to be using the term “documentary” a bit loosely here, but make no mistake: that’s a good thing.  There’s clips, full episodes, clips that are like full episodes that include commentary from hilariously bad voices, glorified commercials that look like clips that look like full episodes…it’s the proverbial box of chocolates.  Or maybe a certain OTHER famous “luck of the draw” confection…

But what is the impact of the secession from the European Union on critical centers of wizarding commerce, such as Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade?

So essentially, another good place to turn to if you’re bored and don’t know what you want to do by way of becoming un-bored.

Online Poker

Oh, THIS is where they put the online poker hand analysis! Makes sense I guess. Continuing my tried and true method of only looking at the first three pages of videos at most, and actually clicking on hardly any videos, this section proved dominated in large part by videos of “Sky Poker.” This proceeded to blow my mind on several levels. I mean, isn’t Sky a British satellite TV service?  Could it be they actually expanded into online poker?  And successfully?!  I’d think I’d at least have HEARD of this client either way, even though it’s clearly UK exclusive, (the commentator/s are obviously British and the cash game chips exchanging hands online use the British Pound symbol) I mean, I didn’t think I lived under a rock when it comes to this stuff!

Err…section is good, carry on.

Poker Video Blogs

My first thought, before I even clicked on the next section, was “don’t they know it’s called ‘vlogs’?  Why are they bothering to write it out like that, do they think it’s posh or something?”

I think by now I’ve succeeded at disappointing EVERYBODY who was expecting a serious review. (Source:

The first thing I noticed after I clicked the link was a name.  A certain name, that had been showing up in many other categories with a video or two, a name that I had no prior exposure to before embarking on this review project.  That name was Alec Torelli, and he’d finally gotten my curiosity up enough to in fact click upon one of his videos.  The title was his name, followed by “taking your poker game seriously” a concept he undermines somewhat by showing some antics on the part of his camerawoman just prior to what must have been his standard intro.

However, it was uphill from there, as he illustrates a common problem that I’ve run into, failing to put poker skill into practice due to low stakes making it so you don’t really want to try very hard in playing poker. Other than a moderate amount of needless repetition, I thought it was a very good video. I still have no idea who this Alec Torelli guy is though. Like, is he a somebody?  Guess I’ll never know…

Texas Holdem Poker Videos

Upon realizing what the last section was called, my brain immediately went, “but wait Ace!  Texas Holdem has been, in one way or another, the subject of nearly all the videos you’ve seen offered here!  Something’s fishy.”  Well, as it turns out, as far as I can tell this one is a slightly misleading instance of the “everything else” sort of category. Videos related to poker, but just don’t seem to fall into any of the previous molds.

Possibly the best example of what I’m talking about is the very first video on the list–a thirty second or so clip titled “Antonio Esfandiari de-pants Mike Matusow.”  Now, I have a pretty formidable imagination here, but even I can’t possibly make something like that up, mostly because of my lack of appreciation of toilet humor.  This means that you know that when I say the video is a thirty-second clip, from footage of the WSOP, of Antonio Esfandiari attempting, and partially succeeding in yanking Mike Matusow’s pants down.

At a moment like this, there is only one thing to say that could possibly bring this journey to a suitable close:

“How could I have missed that episode?!  DANGIT!!!”

That’s it! We’re done! I am NOT gonna try something like THIS again for a while! Geeze! (Source:

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