Aces Full of It: On Results II

Hang on, I just gotta set this down here real quick so you all can see me. (Image:

As I wrote last time, I’ve embarked on a venture known as “staking” for the first time. Although with the way things are going, it may well be the last time, since I really doubt anyone will want to back someone who can’t even place in one out of ten events he enters in a row, even for pocket change like a portion of $22. The whole thing has gotten on my mind a lesson that I learned long before this experience could teach me, but certainly accentuates.

The Brutal Truth

I don’t know how many people will read this who actually haven’t learned it already like I have. What I have to say is the truth about adulthood, about what graduating from high school, graduating from college, and making or trying to make your way out into the “real world” is actually like.  Seeing as this is a website concerning a purely adult activity, I don’t have high hopes for this being a true revelation, but I just need to say it.

The truth is this: nobody out there, in the “real world” and not inescapably a part of your life already is going to give anything even remotely resembling a flying crap about you or your needs. Be reasonably cordial and polite to you while passing you by in the grocery store or the street or whatever? Totally, at least in the case of non-assholes.  Deliver polite service to you at the checkout line of that aforementioned grocery store?  Absolutely, if they want to keep their dang jobs.

But as a manager in that grocery store is smiling and nodding as you lodge a complaint about how long it takes for the deli section to restock on friend chicken, if you earnestly think you’re receiving the slightest grain of true empathy, you are in desperate need of a wake-up call.  You’ve become a problem to him, a disruption, and the only reason he’s capitulating to you is he wants to get you out of the way–if he’s not in fact, having you thrown out in the case that you’re lodging said complaint in a sufficiently loud and/or vulgar fashion.

Results: Everything, and the Only Thing

I confess it was rather disingenuous, nay, outright hypocritical of me, the last time I brought up the subject of results, to argue the point that if you had fun and that was your goal for playing poker, that you’ve gotten results.  I’m sure that can mean results to quite a few people out there including my own father, but it could not be further from the case for me.  The kind of results I value are the ones that are impressive objectively, like cashing in a live tournament 3 times in a row, 2 of which had more than 150 people in it and one that had only four tables and cashed to less than the full final table. (This did in fact actually happen last month.)

If you can make people care about you, you’ve got it friggin’ made. (Image:

It’s really quite simple. No one “out there” is going to give a crap about you, but if you get impressive enough results, in poker or any other aspect of life, you can make them give a crap about you. It’s one of a handful of ways in the entire world to do that, and it’s one of an even smaller group of solutions that is not inherently self-destructive.  I confess, I have a true hunger for that kind of power, because as totally starved of it as I am, I can’t even land a bloody fast food job in the FREAKING PODUNKIAN EXCUSE FOR A TOWN I’M BLOODY WELL STUCK IN!!!

So, you’re using a blog that people are paying you for as an outlet for whining pathetically about your sad, but not even that dang sad life. Real smooth, dingbat.

…I’m sorry, it seems I lost my composure for a second there.  The point is, results are important because results are power.  No one pays any attention to the losers of the world unless they’re prone to general pity. And I’m not in this life to get your damn pity.

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