2016 Goal Setting: Part 2

My second goal of 2016 will reflect live tournament success.

The second goal will be for my live tournaments with regard to ranking in the GPI (Global Poker Index) 2016 POY (player of the year) as well as, the overall GPI ranking. I will be playing live cash games as well as doing Twitch a lot so I want to be careful not to get spread too thin, but I have a plan and believe I can have a good balance between the two. I wanted to get this set before the year got underway, however, I am writing this as I am in the air to Australia for the Aussie Millions and the PCA tournament series is already complete.

I had a good start there with a 68th/928 in the PCA $5,300 main event, as well as, a 12th/225 in the $25,000 High Roller event, earning some solid points to get the year underway. My live tournament goals are to be the GPI Player Of the Year in 2016 and to break the top 10 in overall GPI rankings. I declare that I will cash for over $1,000,000 in earnings for the year. I will win my 1st WSOP Bracelet. I will win an EPT event (side events included) and I will also capture my 1st WPT title. I have several 2nd and 3rd place finishes in both WSOP and WPT events and this it the year I finish them off. After the PCA, I have over $100,000 in cashes on the year and am on pace thus far with the $1,000,000 live tournament earnings.

I think poker is such a beautiful game and I respect it more and more as I learn more and more. I believe I am a talented player and it amazes me how much better I believe I am now than even six months ago. I also realize I am still learning and still have a long way to reach my full potential as this to me is the exciting part of the game. Poker is a humbling game and I think one of the most important things is to respect the game and realize that you are always looking to improve and learn from mistakes and situations. Be open to alternative possibilities and methods.

I had a good start to the year finishing 12th/225 in the $25,000 High Roller event.

Discussing hands and situations with friends is one of the best tools we have and often is not utilized. Spend time working on your game and reviewing hands. I know this is not glamorous, but it’s how you will get better and make real strides. That is another thing I find very valuable about Twitch. When I play and talk things through, I find myself making mistakes or talking it through and it helps me to play better.  Also, I get live feedback from others which helps as well.

So there you have it. Those are my 2016 goals in poker. I will close it out with my Twitch benchmarks. I look forward to reviewing all of these goals in late December 2016. Goals are fun and I encourage everyone to make goals for not only poker, but in areas of your life that you want to make some changes or improvements on. I am coming back now to finish off this article after the completion of the Aussie Millions, where I bricked out all the live events (25k, 10K main event, 5k six max and 1k shot clock).  I played very well and lost some big pots with the way best of it, so no regrets!

This is a very real reminder of how tournaments can go and that variance is real and a good wake up call early in the year. I have EPT Dublin next (Feb. 10-20) and this will be an important series to set the pace for the year. I did do some Twitch streaming and had a break through day the other day in which was the final day of the TCOOP series.  I finished in 10th/2631 players in the “Big $109”.

This deep run along with some key hosts shot me over my previous high of 1,988 viewers to 3,430 live viewers! I had been unable to break the 2,000 mark for quite some time, so this was awesome and in reaching the 2,000+ mark, I read my poem I wrote for my “Dream Stream 2016” live on air. I will post that at the end of this article as well. I really do enjoy streaming on Twitch. After looking over some numbers and doing some quick calculations, I have come up with my goals. I currently have done 20 shows of one hour or more, 70 active subscribers, 6,500 followers, 48,000 total views.

At the completion of 2016, these are the numbers I declare. I will have done 200 shows of one hour or longer, have 600 active subscribers, 50,000 followers, 600,000 total views. I am confident in these numbers and look forward to having fun doing Twitch and making these marks. Please join along this year at twitch.tv/jeffgrosspoker.

My Stream Dream 2016
#PokerFlowShow ~ My Fire

My fire is real, so warm you will feel,
Each and every way, how I go about my day,
Don’t worry or sigh, there is no “I’ll try”,
Never have you cry, watch me fly,
Right to the top, only then I will stop,
Just for a sec, purely to check,
Take some time to reflect, oh what the heck,
Let’s keep it going, my show is flowing,
Keeping it rolling, already knowing,
I do what I love, I push and I shove,
Yes I’m all in, always to win,
That is the plan, my word as a man,
I’ll be the top streamer, call me a dreamer,
but we’re on the way, the very first day,
Had quite the start, soared off the charts,
1,970 live eyes, the reason why?
My fire

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