Best Online Casinos for Fast Payouts

We’ve shortlisted the best payout casinos that offer the fastest withdrawal times. We’ve also listed which casino games have the highest payout percentage, so you can enjoy playing real money games with the quickest potential return.

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Pulsz Casino
  • Offers a wide variety of sweeps games
  • Great mix of game providers
  • Daily promotions for coins, rewards and more
Secure, fast deposit methods
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Ratings are determined by the CardsChat editorial team. This team carries out a strict auditing process when reviewing sites, assessing payout speed, game variety, software quality, level of security, mobile compatibility, and customer service.
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Sites that feature on our blacklist are shady establishments famous for long withdrawal waits, refused payouts, and missing player money.

Stay away from these sites if you want to protect your bankroll!

  Casino Rating Our Verdict
  • Frequent reports of questionable game odds
  • Holds an Antigua license – famous for dodgy dealings
  • Affiliated to sites faced with player embezzlement charges
  • Lack of clarity on the house edge
  • Affiliates and advertisers have reported not being paid
  • Mysteriously lacking in game variety
  • Reports of withdrawals taking over a month to process
  • Heavy restrictions on use of bonus funds
  • Bonuses have reportedly been disappearing from accounts
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Payout Percentages & Online Casinos

When you first join the world of online casinos, it can be a little confusing at times. Payout percentages are something that we get lots of questions about.

Put simply, payout percentages represent the amount of money a casino pays out relative to the amount that a player spends.

Let's look at an example:

  • Casino A has a payout percentage of 97%.
  • You bet $10.
  • On average, you'll receive $9.70 back.

The payout percentage, sometimes called RTP (Return to Player), is an averaged figure. This means that it's best to treat the number as a guide, as you could easily receive less than or more than this amount when you play. Either way, it's fair to assume that the higher the percentage, the better the online casino, but you can't discount the other elements that help make the best payout casinos what they are.

Payout Percentages & Games

Even though payout percentage is important, it's not the only thing you should look for when deciding on which real money casinos to play at.

Similar to casinos, individual games have payout percentages too. The average figure is calculated across 1,000 plays. This acts as an indicator of how much a player could expect to see from a game over the long-term.

Here's a quick example of the calculation:

Goblins cave

Goblin's Cave has a 99.3% RTP.

This makes it a more rewarding game than others, as it comes in higher than the 96% RTP industry average.

Over the course of 1,000 plays – at $1 per play – the game should return $993 back to players.

RTP addresses the long-term average return, but this - of course - doesn't account for what could happen in the short term.

Highest Payout Casino Games

We've listed the highest payout games you can play at real money casinos and their RTP rates so that you can enjoy playing the ones that will return the most money.

Blackjack Payout Percentages

Blackjack Payout Percentages

Blackjack’s RTP hovers around the 99.5% mark, provided you’re using basic strategy, but can vary depending on the variant you’re playing.

Factors like when the dealer must hit/stand, the presence of the surrender rule and altered payouts for a winning blackjack (e.g. do online casinos pay 3:2 or 6:5?) all impact on house edge.

Another thing to consider is the number of decks being used. The fewer decks in play, the better the odds for players. That’s the reason it’s pretty rare to find single deck blackjack tables.

Rank Game Type Payout %
Rank 1 of 5 1 American Blackjack 99.95%
Rank 2 of 5 2 Single Deck BlackJack MultiHand Mobile 99.91%
Rank 3 of 5 3 MultiHand Blackjack 99.60%
Rank 4 of 5 4 European Blackjack MultiHand Mobile 99.60%
Rank 5 of 5 5 Double Exposure MH 99.33%
Roulette Payout Percentages

Roulette Payout Percentages

The RTP of American roulette is generally 94.74%, increasing to 97.30% and 98.65% in European and French roulette respectively.

This is due to the removal of the 00 pocket in the former, and the addition of en prison/la partage rules in the latter - where a player can potentially recover their stake after a spin of zero.

Clearly, when you’re given the choice, you should always opt for European roulette over American roulette.

Plus, because those extra rules don’t require any additional knowledge or skill, it’s worth keeping an eye out for French roulette if you’re after the best online casinos that payout.

Rank Game Type Payout %
Rank 1 of 5 1 European Roulette 97.30%
Rank 2 of 5 2 Lighting Roulette 97.30%
Rank 3 of 5 3 Double Ball Roulette 97.30%
Rank 4 of 5 4 French Roulette 97.30%
Rank 5 of 5 5 American Roulette 94.74%
Poker Payout Percentages

Poker Payout Percentages

It isn’t really possible to come up with a reliable RTP figure for variants like Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha and so on because it depends so much on things like player and opponent skill.

It’s much easier, however, to figure out the RTP of casino variants like Three Card poker – where players can expect an RTP of around 98%.

It’s also worth considering Video poker, which typically has an RTP of around 99% (even exceeding 100% in some variants), but requires the use of strategy.

Rank Game Type Payout %
Rank 1 of 9 1 Texas Hold'em 98.60%
Rank 2 of 9 2 Joker Poker 97.30%
Rank 3 of 9 3 5 Card Stud 98.19%
Rank 4 of 9 4 3 Card Stud 97.15%
Rank 5 of 9 5 Omaha Hold'em 96.96%
Rank 6 of 9 6 Pai Gow Poker 96.78%
Rank 7 of 9 7 Omaha Hi/Lo 96.45%
Rank 8 of 9 8 Stud Poker 96.30%
Rank 9 of 9 9 Oasis Poker 96.29%
Baccarat Payout Percentages

Baccarat Payout Percentages

With an RTP of 98.94% on the banker bet and 98.76% on the player bet, vs 85.6% on the tie bet, punto banco (often called North American baccarat) offers a couple of bets with very attractive odds for players. Hint: it’s not the tie bet!

The addition of side bets in games like super 6 and EZ baccarat can certainly spice up the action, but is unlikely to offer any odds better than those of the original banker (or player) bet.

Just make sure you’re aware of the commission paid on wins made on the banker bet.

Rank Game Type Payout %
Rank 1 of 6 1 European Baccarat 98.99%
Rank 2 of 6 2 American Baccarat 98.94%
Rank 3 of 6 3 Baccarat en Banque 98.94%
Rank 4 of 6 4 Punto Banco 98.94%
Rank 5 of 6 5 Mini Baccarat 98.76%
Rank 6 of 6 6 Chemin de Fer 98.56%
Slots Payout Percentages

Slots Payout Percentages

Competition is so fierce online that most, but not all, online slots have an RTP of around 95-98%. Notable exceptions include progressive slots, which are often closer to the 88-90% range. The casinos with highest slot payouts rarely drop much below these levels.

The RTP of offline slots, where players are more likely to choose a game because of its theme rather than in-depth analysis of its payouts, varies considerably.

According to Nevada law, games must offer an RTP of at least 75% for each wager. In fact, most offline slots will fall somewhere in the range of 85% to 98%.

Rank Slot Game Payout %
Rank 1 of 10 1 8 Lucky Charms 97.40%
Rank 2 of 10 2 777Deluxe 96.18%
Rank 3 of 10 3 Gold Rush 95.70%
Rank 4 of 10 4 Big Cash Win 95.70%
Rank 5 of 10 5 As the Reels Turns 1 95.20%
Rank 6 of 10 6 Aztec's Treasure 95.00%
Rank 7 of 10 7 Forbidden Slot 95.00%
Rank 8 of 10 8 A Switch In Time 94.74%
Rank 9 of 10 9 Mystic Wolf 94.60%
Rank 10 of 10 10 A Night with Cleo 92.50%

Fastest Payout Online Casinos USA and Where to Find Them

It doesn't matter if the online casino payout percentages and game RTPs are really high at the site you're playing at if it takes ages to actually collect the winnings you're owed.

If a site manages to pay out quickly, it's a good indicator that it's well managed and reputable. This is because it shows a good amount of respect for players and demonstrates that they know what they're doing. It's no wonder that the casinos with the fastest payouts are usually the most popular. But what casinos are we talking about? We've considered both the payout percentages and the payout speed to bring you a shortlist of the best payout casinos.

If you ever find yourself waiting ages and not getting the best payout speeds, then it might be time to make a move to other online gambling sites. That's because slow payouts are often an indicator that a company is struggling to make a profit and could possibly be facing financial difficulty.

The best indicator of how likely you are to win is to look at the total a casino has paid out. If it's low, chances are you might not be onto a big winner.

Best Methods for Fast Cash Outs

While casino payouts have more to do with operator deposit/withdrawal times than anything else, there are things you can do to make sure you’re getting your cash as soon as possible.

If you’re looking for an instant withdrawal casino, you should also pay close attention to what payment methods you can use as this can have an impact on casino withdrawal times.

Different deposit methods will all have slightly different processing times, so it’s important to know which one to use when playing at the best online casinos that payout.

We've listed below the methods that offer the fastest processing times so that you can make a more informed decision when it comes to withdrawing your funds.

How to Cash Out at An Online Casino

Withdrawing cash from online casinos that payout is simple. Here's how to cash out in 3 steps:

Step 1
Step 1

To cash out and withdraw your winnings, login to your casino account and go to your deposits page.

Step 2
Step 2

Select your preferred payment option.

Step 3
Step 3

Provide the relevant billing details and then click to confirm the withdrawal.

Play Real Money Casino Games

Find the best online casinos offering your favorite games by clicking below. Each page also offers a simple guide on how to play.

Payout FAQs

Do payout speeds vary from casino to casino?

Different casinos offer different versions of casino games that are made by different software companies, as such the payouts on each slot machine might not necessarily be the same from site to site.

You can always check what the payouts of any game are in the game's rules section or on the pay table page of slots games. What impacts the actual payout speed – as in the time between withdrawal request the money reaching your account – largely comes down to the admin side of matters on behalf of the casino. However, you can be sure that all of our recommended sites offer payout times of only a few days.

How can I ensure faster payouts?

To get the quickest payouts, make sure you play at an online casino that offers payouts via market-leading payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, Debit Card, PayPal, or eWallets, like Neteller and Skrill.

What is a payout percentage?

A payout percentage is the amount of cash an online casino pays back to its players. For example, if a casino has a payout percentage of 92% it means that 92% of all the money wagered on that site goes back to players as winnings, while the casino keeps the other 8%.

Will my banking method impact payout time?

The payment method you use to deposit and withdraw cash from your casino account won't affect the chances of you winning, but it will make a difference to how fast your winnings will be transferred to your bank account. The best method to use for instant withdrawals is an eWallet.

What is the highest payout casino game?

The online casino games with the biggest payouts are progressive jackpot slots. If you hit the jackpot on one of these slots, you could collect up to $13 million on some games.

If you'd prefer to play a casino game where you win less but win more often, it's worth trying out classic table games. That's because the house edge in these games is very low. For example, blackjack has a house edge of only 0.28%; whereas online slots generally have a house edge of 2-10%.

What happens when I win?

When you win at an online casino the money is instantly paid into your account and you will see your balance increase by the amount you've just won.

Do online casinos really pay out?

Yes, they certainly do. It is possible to see stories of many players who have won thousands - or even millions - from playing games at real money online casinos. Some land a big win thanks to one lucky spin of the reels, while others grind their way to a profit, playing games such as roulette and blackjack.

Players can be sure that a casino is fair and therefore pays out properly by only playing at the sites we’ve recommended. All our recommended casinos have proper regulation from a trusted regulatory body, ensuring every aspect of the site is fair and honest. You can find the casinos with the best payout rates further up this page.

Which online casino has the best payouts?

Every online casino we recommend has high payout levels, however the best online casinos that payout can be found by looking at the list further up this page. In order to compile this list, we’ve completed extensive research, testing out casinos to find out exactly how much they’ll pay out to the average online casino player.

As new casinos enter the industry, and existing casinos alter their payouts, the list found on this page will change. Therefore, we recommend that players check back here regularly, in order to ensure they’re always playing at the casino with the best payouts. Players should also check the RTPs of the games they play, as playing games with high RTPs will give players an even better chance of winning money.